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In addition to my publishing day job, I started freelancing in 2020 and it's taken me in a number of fascinating directions within the industry. I regularly work with Damian Barr's Literary Salon managing their podcast content and liaising with publishers for marketing opportunities. Of the books I've worked on thus far, Douglas Stuart's Booker prize-winning Shuggie Bain is a highlight. Occasionally you might also see me on the Lit Salon's social media channels leaving book review or interviewing bookshops owners and authors.

I've also had the chance to consult with indie presses on how they can improve sales and marketing so their books penetrate the trade and reach a wider audience of readers.   

And through a strange turn of events I've been managing the sale of 3,500+ antique books from the comfort of my flat. The sitting room smells like an old bookshop and I absolutely love it.


If freelancing has taught me anything, it's the benefits of staying organised and always having a plan for the week ahead.

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