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I've worked in publishing for 6+ years with a focus on Sales, Marketing, and Publicity. More recently I've added Editorial and Production to my growing list of experience. Working for a small, independent press (Duckworth Books) has offered a chance to hone a wide range of in-demand cross departmental skills and while some people prefer to specialise I'm a Matt-of-all-trades. 

Over the years I've represented brands to the book trade for sales, including Duckworth, Farrago, The Overlook Press (USA) and The School of Life Press all in collaboration with global sales teams Bloomsbury, Pinnacle Book Sales, Jonathan Ball, Pansing, Peribo, and Penguin.   

I've led on more marketing and publicity campaigns than I can count with a focus on memoir and biography and literary fiction. I'm book obsessed and especially love breaking out debut authors with a hunger to become a bestselling household name. 

In 2020 I was selected as a BOOKSELLER RISING STAR in recognition of my love and commitment to our industry. 

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